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Do I Need to Replace My Windows?

Several things need to be considered when determining whether your windows need to be replaced.

One of the major considerations is safety. Can at least one window near a sleeping person be easily opened? In an emergency, this might be a life-saving factor.

Another consideration is security. Can your windows be locked easily? Some windows, as they get older, are hard to lock or the lock can be easily opened from the outside.

A common consideration, in these days of high fuel costs, is whether your windows are energy efficient. With inefficient windows, 25% to 40% of the heat in your house could be literally flying out the windows.

The following factors indicate that your windows may be adding to your heating and cooling cost:

  • Windows are single pane glass.
  • Windows are 20 years or older.
  • Windows are difficult to open, or they will not stay opened.
  • There is condensation, frost, or pools of water on windows or sills.
  • Windows do not lock correctly.
  • Windows are warped.
  • Wood around the window is rotting or peeling.
  • Furniture, floor covering, and/or window treatments are faded.
  • Windows are not ENERGY STAR® approved.

There have been great advances in window technology in the past several years. Double- and even triple-paned glass keep your inside climate from seeping to the outside. A gas, such as argon, sandwiched between panes of glass provides insulation which slows down heat-transference, and low-E film on window glass directs heat back to its source – keeping heat in on cold days and out on warm ones. Low-e also reduces ultraviolet ray transmission which prevents your carpets, furniture, and drapes from fading.

Replacing old, worn windows with new ENERGY STAR® approved replacement windows will save money on fuel costs, while making your home more comfortable and enhancing its value and appearance. Lowering fuel consumption is also a great way to preserve our non-replenishable resources and to protect our environment.

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