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The Benefits of Sunrooms

Why a Sunroom May Be the Best Solution for You

Over the last 20 years, decks have become a very popular item to homeowners. Although decks can be great for relaxing or entertaining, barbecuing and dining outside, they do have a few drawbacks. Summer sun can be brutal and bright, and many deck owners have found there are too few days that they can enjoy the outdoors comfortably. One solution for avoiding too much sun is to add a roof over the deck. Skye Builders has built roofs over many decks so our customers can extend their time outdoors.

Bright, hot sun isn’t the only problem of outdoor living, however. When you are out on your deck, chances are you’re not alone. Scores of insects are also sunning on your deck. Most are merely nuisances, but a few – such as ticks and mosquitoes—even carry life-threatening diseases to humans and their pets. For this reason, many families are upgrading the outdoor experience by enclosing their decks with a screened-in porch or by going a step further and building a sun room.

Screened in porches are less expensive than sunrooms, and they provide some shelter from the elements and allow you to enjoy the outdoors without bothersome bugs.

Sunrooms keep out the elements and four-season sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors year round. Many people we have built sunrooms for, tell us it is their favorite room in the house.

A few benefits of sunrooms:

1. Gets you out of the sun into shade, yet you still feel connected to the world.

2. Helps to keep insects away.

3. You can hear the birds, smell the flowers, and feel the breeze without leaving the comfort of your house.

4. A four-season sunroom can be enjoyed no matter what the weather.

5. A sunroom will increase the value of your home.

6. They are the most affordable way to add living space to your home.

7. Sunrooms are a great place to dine.

8. A sunroom makes a great TV and family room.

If you’re thinking about adding on to your house for more living space, consider a manufactured or custom built sunroom instead of a typical addition. It will save you money and you will probably enjoy it more than a traditional room.

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